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Free Totally free, opensourced
Simplicity Easy to install and use
Powerful More functionl, more dictonaries
Security No trojan, no malware
Version3.0.1 released on 2007-11-8
Licensed under GPL TERMS. This is not a GNU package

StarDict is a Cross-Platform and international dictionary Software. It has powerful features such as "Glob-style pattern matching", "Scan selection word," "Fuzzy query," etc. Stardict Version3.0 has developed a lot of new functions, such as Full-text translation, Net Dict.


More Powerful!

Thousands of free dictionaries can be found on the internet by Google. Choose your own favorites.


Full-text translation:
Click text translate icon on the left. With google, yahoo, Altavista, Excite Janpan translation engines you can tranlate from one language to another with satisfactory results.


Net Dict :
Dictionary installation on your own computer is not necessary any more. Click the main menu icon on the top right of the corner, choose "Preferences" option. Here you can set Net dict. Register or log on your account, then you can use the Net Dict with your own dictionaries.


Mouse Inquiry:
When "scan" option is selected, you can capture the words via mouse to translate.


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