Mahayana Buddhist Sutras in English

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To help English readers interested in learning more about Mahayana Buddhism, here is a collection of links leading to English translations of Mahayana Buddhist Sutras.

The merits of making these sutras available belong to all the translators. I shall accept neither credit nor reward for this compilation, not from anyone and never in any time. My sincerest thanks to the translators for spreading the words of the Dharma.

One of the Five Precepts of Buddhist practice is to make no statement that is untrue; therefore:

Also, please inform me of other English translations for sutras spoken by the Buddha that are missing from this compilation.

Finally, if you are new to reading a particular Sutra, please read all the different versions to absorb the essential teachings. I humbly recommend the translations from the Buddhist Text Translation Society, with respect to their accuracy and completeness.

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Please click on the Chinese title enclosed in frame for viewing the traditional Chinese/Kanji Text in GIF format (no decoding needed)

Mahayana Sutras are emphasized in this site because they are ones which I am familiar with, such that I can uphold them properly. I am shallow and ignorant in my knowledge and I try to not incur malicious karma by misinforming. There are Theravada Sutras which are studied by Mahayana students, and those which I am fortunate enough to be acquainted with will be presented here.

If you read Chinese and your system supports BIG5 encoding, then you may want to check out the comprehensive sutra collections provided by Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association or National Taiwan University

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